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SEEML brings a vast amount of experience and integrity in the analysis of environmental samples. To ensure the accuracy of our results, SEEML has developed a comprehensive training and continued education program to keep our analysts up to standards as well as rigorously defined analytical techniques in our quality assurance program. Additionally, our front office staff are extremely trained in our reporting and archiving systems to ensure an accurate report every time.

    Air Samples  
  1. Spore Trap Analysis (Non-viable Fungal Analysis)

Analysis includes identification to genus or group of all fungi present, quantification to spores/m3, and general assessment of background debris. Identification of pollen and hyphal fragments is included.

Sample Types:
Zefon Air-O-Cell cassette, Allergenco slide, Cyclex cassette, Cyclex D cassette, Micro 5.

Available Turnaround Time:
Same day, next day, holiday and weekend rush.

2. Culturable (Viable) Fungal Analysis

Analysis includes identification to genus for all fungi plus Aspergillus, which will be ID to the species level, quantification to cfu/m3. Speciation of other genra is available upon request.

Sample Types:
Andersen sample, RCS sample, and SAS sample.

Available Turnaround Time: Standard (7-10 day).

    Surface Samples  

1.Direct Microscopic Examination

Analysis includes a determination of whether spores present are indication of mold growth or normal trapping (fall out of the spore coming from outside). Identification is to fungal genus level.

Sample Types:
Bulk sample, swab sample, dust sample, tape lift sample.

Available Turnaround Time:
Same day, next day, holiday and weekend rush.

2. Quantitative Fungal Culture Analysis

Analysis includes identification to genus for all fungi plus Aspergillus, which will be ID to the species level, quantification to CFU/unit. Speciation of other genra is available upon request.

Sample Types:
dust sample, bulk sample, and contact plate.

Available Turnaround Time: Standard (7-10 days).

    On-Site Analysis (provided by a team of experts)  
SEEML is excited to offer on-site Direct Microscopic Examination for the analysis of surface samples (Tape, Swab & Bulk). In response to client demands for immediate turnaround times on critical projects, SEEML has designed and implemented a program to have samples processed and analyzed on-site. Our Microbiologist/ Mycologist will travel to your location along with all equipment and supplies necessary to perform the work.

Clients will save:
1. Time, samples can be analyzed immediately after sampling and reanalyzing samples immediately if failed to clear.
2. Money, samples do not need to be shipped to the lab and eliminate the needs to have costly personnel & equipment site idle while they wait for data.
3. Peace of Mind, sampling, processing, analysis and reporting are coupled into a controlled and efficient package.

SEEML has successfully implemented this program at sites accross the Continental United States. This service is not covered by our main lab's accreditations. For further inquires, including pricing, details of services as well as other questions you may have, please feel free to contact the lab @ 864-233-3770 or email to sales@seeml.com

SEEML holds an accreditation through NVLAP for the analysis of Bulk samples through PLM and participates in mandated proficiency testing programs. These proficiencies, accreditations, and certifications ensure that our facility meets the highest standard of quality to provide reliable, consistent results every time. The accreditations are listed here by organization or professional body.

Accreditations and Proficiencies:


Southeast Microbiology Laboratories, Inc. (SEEML) has been providing quality analytical services since 2004. We offer an array of analytical testing services to support environmental investigations focused on asbestos, microbiology, indoor air quality and industrial hygiene applications. Additionally, we also provide materials for testing and characterization for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients.

Our focus on customer satisfaction means no project is too large or too small. We are committed to providing reliable, defensible data in a standardized and user-friendly format. Rapid turnaround and competitive prices make the dependable results you get that much more valuable.

SEEML is more than just another testing laboratory, we are your project partner. Give us a call today to find out how we can help to make your next project a success.

SEEML, established in 2004, is an independent asbestos analysis laboratory located in Greenville, South Carolina. Our asbestos division provides accurate, affordable, quick turnaround asbestos testing for home owners/buyers/sellers, realtors and environmental consultants nationwide. We also provide testing services to international customers with asbestos testing needs.

Asbestos is a known carcinogen and exposure may result in mesothelioma and other cancers. Asbestos poses the greatest danger when it becomes airborne. Demolishing, repairing or otherwise disturbing asbestos containing materials (ACM) may cause a release, resulting in asbestos fibers becoming airborne. The following are some of the common ACM that might be found in any home: acoustic ceiling spray, floor tiles, linoleum, insulation, drywall/joint compound, exterior stucco, roofing materials, among others. Prior to disturbing suspect ACM, it is advisable to have a sample of the material tested by an accredited laboratory. SEEMLs NVLAP accredited laboratory provides fast and confidential testing, with turn-around times of less than 24 hours, available.

SEEML provides the following asbestos testing services:

1.Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) analysis of Bulk Samples by EPA 600/R-93/116

-EPA Quantitative Point Counting
-Gravimetric Analysis (Chatfield Method)

Key benefits to our clients:

1. Competitive pricing
2. Guaranteed turnaround times
3. Strict quality control procedures
4. Experienced staff
5. Comprehensive, easy-to-read analytical reports
6. Quick and courteous service
7. Archiving of samples (2 weeks) and reports (3 years)


We hope to be of service to you and your company. Please call the lab to request additional information and pricing.

SEEML is Committed to excellence and going above and beyond
in client services and support.
  SEEML Consultative services  

- Assist in the development of sampling protocol;
- Assist in the interpretation of analytical results;
- Provide expert witness support.
- Recommendation of Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Microbial Consultants, and experience remediation contractors nationwide to assist you with building inspections, problem resolution, and clearance testing


Contact SEEML  
  (864)233- 3770
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